Provides high precision optical and magnetic industrial encoders and inclinometers.
photo of Fraba Posital


Provide high resolution measurements using an incremental interface. Their economical magnetic design makes them ideal for motor speed feedback, material handling applications, and OEMs.
Provide precise and unambiguous measurements without losing track of their position due to a temporary loss of power. Absolute Encoders always ensure reliable positioning; they never require a reference run which increases the safety and efficiency of construction machines, wind turbines or solar plants. Their compact size makes them ideal for applications ranging from healthcare equipment to factory automation.
Offering smart, maintenance-free, and cost-effective solutions for the most challenging tasks in real time motion feedback. Their resistance to harsh working conditions and battery-free rotation counter make them ideal for a wide range of applications, from industrial robotics to stepper and servo motors.
Inherently accurate with rugged construction, provides precise measurement performance even under extreme conditions.
Measures the angle of an object from vertical position. They offer an easy and efficient way of monitoring spatial orientation without the need for mechanical linkages – a real advantage for design engineers.

Used as a pulse generator in multiple applications, the sensor needs no external power source and has no moving parts.