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  A simple solution for measurement and positioning at high speeds: An opto-electronic dector head moves along a perforated steel tape, registering the number of holes, at speeds up to 10 m/s.

  The flexible, stainless steel tape is stretched between two points and does not need to be fixed accurately to a flat base, allowing an wasy mounting.

  Absence of mechanical parts and large perforations (2mm) ensures that the system has excellent life and wear characteristics.

Most Common Applications are:

Profile, tube and panel   cutting.
Positioning of robots or   pneumatic/hydraulic   cylinders.
Gantry positioning.
Automatic storage etc...


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Meterdrive is a robust, simple, easy to use industrial measuring system, suitable for high speed measuring and positioning. Available in conventional linear encoder format or as an electronic tape measure.

Meterdrive is not a conventional linear encoder and offers the user significant benefits over other linear measuring systems. The opto-electronic detector head accurately counts the number of slots in the perforated stainless steel tape. This can be achieved by either sliding the detector head over a fixed tape or moving the tape through a fixed head.

The stainless steel tape can be stretched between two points and does not need to be fixed accurately to a flat base. Alternatively, the tape can be coiled as in a tape measure with the detector head stationary, particularly useful for manual operations.

Applications for Meterdrive include saw cut-off positioning, press brake/guillotine back-stop positioning, robot positioning, automated warehousing, measuring tank and reservoir levels.

Easy mounting
Compact and light
Works well in harsh environments
No movement of wires
Cost effective/reduced engineering package
No tape support required
Measure to 250m
Simple electrical connection
Reliable and robust
Head and counter can move together over long distances

Z-213/8 : Rollzam 8 m

Z-213/8Measurement system similar to a metering ribbon. Rule is winded to an internal drum and stretched using a winded spring. Z-201 or Z-301 detectors can be installed. They are non-moving and protected. Measuring length is up to 8 m. Possible appliances includes  : Elevators control, profiles sawing , Level measurements, Pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders control. Warning : For horizontal deployments more than 2 m, it is necessary to install rule support every meter. 

Z-213/10 : Rollzam 10 m

Z-223-15 :Rollzam 15 m

 Similar characteristics as above, but max. measuring length 10 m. 

Z-213/8S or Z-213/10S : Rollzam 8 m or 10 m. with pneumatic cleaner. 

Z-213/8SSame Rollzam set as above, but including one pneumatic cleaner unit in front of device. This cleaning accessory, factory mounted uniquely, avoids penetrating dust particles inside head and drum, allowing more time between maintenance interventions. 
For more info or to order call Toll Free:  1-800-411-9666


Check our prices - we sell for less!

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